Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kena Halau -__-"

here comes another day without money to buy food. i feel so poor. it was 0820 and we were having breakfast like usually. and Shida said that there was no venue for Reading class. so she texted Nazurah and waited for the reply. i'm not sure whether Nazurah replied late or Shida didn't notice there was a reply, but we had a test and the class was at M310. and so, we walked there. and i saw Nazurah, with her phone outside the class. she gave me a sign of "hurry up" or something, but i thought it was nothing so i walked very slowly.

soon as i reached the door to the classroom, i saw Pn. Nazeera locking the door. and i looked at her, and she showed me her watch, saying "it's late". so i turned around and told the other girls [Shida, Nana, Nina, Ayuni, Eca] that she locked us out. and that we couldn't enter the classroom for now. we were all very shocked. well, the lecturer was the kind who is very lenient, so we might have taken her for granted. Shida then said that we should try to get into the class, and talk to her, say our apologize and everything since the door was no longer locked after Rose has gotten into the class. she wasn't late, she just went out to go to the toilet before the test started.

and then, Shida went into the classroom, and i saw Nana going out of the classroom, it was a bad sign. Pn. Nazeera went out and she was mad at us. she asked us to write a letter with a valid reason of why we were late for the test. and we can only sit for the test after the letter has been given to her. she said that she wanted to teach us a lesson, "if you dare coming to the test late, you will surely come late for your final exam," she said. after some moment of silence, we decided to go to the library and write the letter right away.

Nana was the one with the most concern, she was so stressed out. and Eca was so regretful for what we've done. i honestly didn't feel so bad about it because i have gone through worse with Ms Sally last semester. but i could totally understand them. well, the test would be converted to 10% for our final exam. we wrote the letter at the library and printed them out right away.

and outside the computer lab, we met Ain and Pah. they are both from Group D. and they said that Pn. Zarina (our College Writing II lecturer) wasn't in a good mood. so they advised us on not to make her mad today, and i thought that we still had lots of time left, since we were 'halaued' by Pn. Nazeera. so i told Nana, "why don't we photocopy everything that Pn. Zarina has asked us to photocopy and print everything that she asked us to print and compile everything in a file like she wanted us to?" And Nana agreed. so there we were rushing again to save our lives from Pn. Zarina this time around.

and when we were at the photocopy machine, Eca told us that Ayuni texted her, saying that we have to take the Reading test right now! Pn. Nazeera has given us a chance to sit for the test today. but i didn't want to go, because we had only half and hour, so we continued photocopying all the things we needed for the next class. then, Shida texted me saying "come to class right now. she's given us another chance". so i told Nana that "we have to go this time,". we were running to class, and we successfully sat for the test in about half an hour. so hell yeah. i was kinda annoyed until theday ended. haha.

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