Thursday, January 12, 2012

Awkward .____.

okay, i must admit that i actually have forgotten about this blog already.
the last time i posted something was about a year ago?
oh goddamn it, this feels so weird..

oh anyhow, i just can't wait to get home this weekend and look through for old notebooks and try to see if there's any one with my old e-mails on it.
i really want my old blogs back T^T
they are much prettier than this one. i wish i would find the e-mails, so that i can just renew my passwords and get back on my old blogs.

Nana is sleeping on my bed now, we only have a class tomorrow, which is College Writing II. and we have done our assignment, so we have nothing to do tonight hehe
this somehow, feels kind of weird because we usually do last minute works xD
we ate Maggi and now she's already asleep hahaha

i got my MUET result today.
cukup-cukup makan, i got Band 4
well, i must say that it was such a relieve because to continue doing TESL in UiTM, we must achieve at least Band 4 but, the disappointment is still there. i wanted, and expected, more. Band 5 at least i guess. but i better be grateful or the God will be mad at me, and i'll die soon haha

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