Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stomach ache D: Tennis :D

i have been so busy lately.. and it sucks, of course D: i don't get much time on the internet anymore DD:
but tomorrow is.. hmm today actually xD we are starting our beloved Ramadhan~ :D
so i'll be fasting well, don't worry ♥ hahahaha

my stomach has been aching since the last few days.. i am so worried about my baby tummy
it aches everytime i eat in the evening, i don't know why.. T^T
i thought about maybe it is because i have been skipping my evening meals for some days (dieting..) lol, and i think i got in shape back so i wanted to have my evening meals back but it hurts afterwards *cries*
it disturbs me.. i can't even sleep well because of that ㅠ.ㅠ and i hate it sooo much when anything interrupts my sleep, that is the best time in every day~ D:

ohhh tennis :D
hahaha it was the last tennis practice, so i decided to take photos of the flowers outside the court, they were so beautiful ♥
and i really do love small little flowers :D like the baby's breath, and this one.. i don't even know its name hahaha but yess they are so pretty ;]

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  1. woah..
    i love the pics..
    well, blog sape yg b'debu skang?