Sunday, August 8, 2010


it's tiringgggg~ lol
ughhhh i have to do this hmm Biology note; SCRUM work led Azim
i asked to be under his command and look at me now lol
can't say i don't ever regret it >.> hahahaha

and so...... before i do this note, hmm i read about the topic a bit.. it's a veryyyyyy longgggg chapter
for those who know; it's Biology; From 4 - Chapter 6: Nutrition
it kinda makes me puke lol it's too long and i am only given 2 days to do the notes D:
and i slept over Sangra's house, and in the morning, she had to go to a tuition class, and so i was left only with his little brother.. hmm he was watching Saw VI while i have to do the notes alone D:

and i just hate to readd... so i can't help it but to flyyy awayy xDD hmm my mind did
i thought about this one guy, hahaha
i am deeply in love.. xDDD Maknae Kim Dongjoon :DDD weeeeeee~


and so my fantasy walks lol
hmm i just thought bout how happy i would be if he was here :DD lol
hmmmmm even though i am Siwan biased but, it's just for the mean time maybe...? lol
he's just tooo cutee i can't help it :]
orrrr maybe i was just boreddd lol sorry Siwan, and Kwanghee and Minwoo too, and Junyoung:DD >.<"
Dongjoonie ♥ i wanna be in your arms ♥ i'd be damn happy :D

and today.. i woke up veryy late, and my body aches. hahaha i think Naim kicked me too much while sleeping >.>
i had to sleep beside him cause i am sleeping in the middle
i can't sleep at the edge cause i'll fall xD
i didn't dream of any Children of Empire.. ㅠ.ㅠ that is just so sad to me D: and Sangra talked in sleep hahaha
can't really remember what she said but there was Donghae's name hahaha i think that's funny :D lol
well yeah she likes Donghae a lot :] Donghae is cute :3

omygod, i am so crazy for that little Dongjoonie
even now i am thinking about him hahaha and people around me know how much i am crazing for him now xDD
well i need to get Siwan back in mind but Dongjoonie is so hard to be kicked out xD

i need to get to sleep now.. lol i have school tomorrow, hmm that sounds boring to me ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

love ya Kim Dongjoon

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