Friday, August 6, 2010

My love for the 9 boys

i can't still get over it .__.
i really want ZE:A to come here in Malaysia and do their showcase
i'll be happy even if it's just an autograph session but i really am crazing all over them and i just wanna see them face to face
wouldn't that be just nice..? yes i think that way :D
i'd be damn happy to see them :DDD i want you guys, so just come here and see us ZE:A'S!~

Siwannie oppa, i wanna see you like crazy~
i think i fell in love just a bit too much this time for you honeyy
hmm i'm going all crazy haha Kwanghee oppa too :]
i love you just a lots too haha your eyes, your lips, your everything is just.. wow :D
Minwoo oppa, with that dancing skills, they're just no match haha
you're the best i really love you
i kept dreaming about you haha and it's sometimes so funny xDD hmm that's a secret between me and my dream admin lol
no, i never forget about you Dongjoonie oppa, you're just so so amazing :D
and that abs

and the others hahaha
hmm the 4 mentioned names are just special to me xD i love you guys ZE:A

and for those who still hasn't learn their names, well let's see.. haha
even though this jacket photo has been released like long ago, but it's from their latest single, the third one :D

Moon Junyoung (문준영)
handsome serious beloved leader

Kim Kevin (김케빈)
kind-hearted english teacher hyung xD

Hwang Kwanghee (황광희)
Siwanie stalker xD lol "i want honesty to be one of my best charms"

Im Siwan (임시완)
ZE:A fashionista, best friend to Kwanghee

Kim Taehun (김태헌)
Eomma~ and is so very cute too

Jung Heechul (정희철)
you devil rapper hahaha love ya

Ha Minwoo (하민우)
adorable dancing machine, and the first in the maknae line

Park Hyungsik (박형식)
cute and cuddly as a kitten, the second in the maknae line

Kim Dongjoon (김동준)
demon real maknae, oh my, you're just so hot and could be so cute too

ZE:A (제국의 아이들)
Our 9 beautiful boys


ohh and i just joined the Official Malaysia ZE:A'S forum haha it's funn
and it need lotsa love too
i just wanna spread a lot of love hahahaha


  1. hehe liking what you wrote on Chullies caption kekeke <33333
    My devil rapper muahhh *kisses*

  2. hahaha it's a true fact ㅋㅋㅋ ;D