Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Sayonara" -TP

Everything went wrong since that night. He didn't say anything to me, at all. And the next day, he told me two of his friends found out about that night. I was surprised. "My Shadow" and "My Conscience" he said. Well, couldn't help but to guess that the 'friends' are all himself actually. Tripolar Person.

After being advised to be brave by he himself, I decided to tell him the truth, about how I liked him and about how I couldn't just forget about everything that has happened. However, he decided to say goodbye, and leave me there all alone. He said it's best for me to forget about him and hate him along the way. I told him I can never hate him, no matter what he did to me and I told him to pretend as if I never confronted him last night in return I would pretend that night never happened.

Maybe this is for the best.


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